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The range of minicranes Kegiom telescopic stiff boom cranes is the ideal solution for the service of lifting.


Compact, light, simple to use, and very advanced, the minicranes with its many options is indispensable in many indutries: Transportation, assemblage glasses and carpentries, building, marine, mechanical repair, Your industry.



Minicrane 8700-E4

Motor gasoline electric starting Yanmar3tne74 24HP 3600 g/1° Drive system hydrostatics 2 sp. Km/h 2,6 - 4,7 Angle of ramp 30°...

Minicrane 350-E4 Plus

Motor gasoline electric starting Honda GX390 - 13 HP 3600 rpm Drive system hydrostatics 2 sp. Km/h 2,0 - 3,9 Angle of ramp 25...

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